Auth module
Pre-packaged authentication and authorisation ready to plug in to your SmartClient or SmartGWT project


Our security module provides modern authentication features. The library supports login using local userId and password and/or OAuth2 providers, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub and Microsoft Windows Live. Other OAuth2 providers can easily be added in customer code.

Two-Factor Authentication is also provided, via support for smartphone-based TOTP clients like Google Authenticator, FreeOTP and Authy.

The library provides authentication that is fully integrated with the security features of SmartClient/SmartGWT, and with configurable and skinnable UIs on the client-side and robust server-side enforcement.


Our security module also provides a complete hierarchical role-based authorization system, integrated with SmartClient/SmartGWT's built-in declarative security. The front end of this is a skinnable, configurable UI.