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We are a software development company and consultancy, specialising in desktop and mobile HTML5 Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for business, pluggable components for use with the SmartClient and Smart GWT frameworks, and other web technologies.


    Desktop and mobile Rich Internet Applications for business

  • JS Smartclient

    Large scale high-productivity RIAs built with object-oriented Javascript

  • Image description smart gwt

    The same core SmartClient benefits, with application code written in Java

Based in north-west England, we offer design, development, hosting, support and consultancy services. We work with clients in many different industries, from startups to major corporates. We work with local businesses, and we work with companies across the UK, Europe and the world.

Core Activities

Our core business is the development, support and hosting of desktop and mobile client/server HTML5 Rich Internet Applications for business, and the development and support of pluggable components for use in those applications.

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Core Skills

  • Java & Javascript

    Java and the traditional Java web stack: Tomcat, EJBs, Spring, Hibernate, etc. Javascript, HTML & CSS

  • SQL Databases

    SQL Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2

  • IBM i

    The IBM i platform

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