RIA Development
Zero-install HTML5 Rich Internet Applications that run in any browser, with no plugins and no compromise

No-compromise web application development

Developing RIAs (Rich Internet Applications, also known as AJAX or Web 2.0 applications) is our core activity. We have years of experience and deep expertise in this area, working with global corporates, SMEs and other software companies.

You are probably already familiar with Rich Internet Applications. For example, most online banking applications are examples of RIAs. But they are the tip of the iceberg: any traditional application can be developed as a RIA, including all the native line-of-business applications that are any company's bread and butter.

RIAs combine the benefits of traditional webapps with those of traditional desktop apps, as shown here. This is why we call our approach "no-compromise": no compromise on platform independence, ease of deployment or ubiquitous access, no compromise on functionality or user experience, and no compromise on scalability.

We help our customers to develop world class Rich Internet Applications. Contact us to find out how we can help with your next development - without compromise.

Why RIA?
Platform independence
Device independence
Zero-effort deployment
Ubiquitous access
Rich UI
Complete flexibility
Client-server approach

SmartClient technology

Our AJAX developments always utilise one of Isomorphic Software's HTML5 RIA frameworks: SmartClient or Smart GWT. The two frameworks are sister products, with identical functionality, the same approaches and ethos, the same server, and a common core of technology on the client. The difference between the two is which language we use to write the programs: SmartClient programs are written in object-oriented JavaScript, Smart GWT programs are written in Java and converted to JavaScript by Google's GWT technology. We are equally happy and equally experienced with either framework.

We use SmartClient/Smart GWT because we believe they are the best and most complete AJAX development frameworks on the market, and we have long and deep experience with the products. We also create and market self-contained widgets for use with SmartClient and/or Smart GWT - see the Components page for more details.