AJAX components
Self-contained, configurable widgets that provide end-to-end functionality for complex tasks

Custom SmartClient and Smart GWT components

Our core activity is developing HTML5 Rich Internet Applications using the SmartClient and Smart GWT frameworks. Our extensive work with these products gives us the deep insight and expertise to create standalone, configurable components that can be reused in any SmartClient or Smart GWT project.

The components we develop and sell provide plug-in functionality that many applications need. For example, our IMAP component is a fully functional email client that can be embedded in any SmartClient or Smart GWT application just like you would embed a grid, form or button. It can be configured to show as much or as little of the standard UI as you require, and every element is skinnable using standard SmartClient/Smart GWT techniques. And your application code can interact with it - for example, you can use drag-and-drop to associate an email with an order, or read the id of the currently selected email, or click a button on your customer screen to generate a default confirmation email and launch a send window ready for personalization.

We are also able to develop new components at a reduced development rate if you have a special requirement. We retain the rights in these components so we can resell them to other customers, so we only offer this for components that have some level of general usefulness. This will usually be a better and more cost-effective approach than developing the component yourself:

  • We probably know the framework better than you do, so we are in a better position to develop well-defined, standalone components
  • We are accustomed to designing and developing pluggable components for these frameworks, so we are already familiar with the approaches, constraints and pitfalls you would have to learn
  • We develop components as supported products, complete with a documented API, examples of usage and things like deep configurability and skinning options built in as standard. Very few in-house component developments go to these levels of completeness
  • We always try to make components generally useful to the widest possible community, which leads to components that are more widely used, have fewer edge-case bugs, and have features that your application may one day need
  • We own the code, so we also own the bugs; not just the plain old bugs that are there in any piece of software, but also the bugs that inevitably crop up as new browser or framework versions are introduced

You will soon be able to browse our catalogue of components, try them out directly on this website, and buy online. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions about either our standard components or development of custom components.