Application Support

NOTE: This page describes the support services we offer for applications we have developed. We do provide various other kinds of support - please see our other support pages.

Application support is offered at two levels.

Second-line support

Your end users contact your own helpdesk with issues. Your helpdesk staff triage the problem and submit a ticket on our helpdesk system if they believe the problem is with a supported application. Our support staff then deal with the ticket as appropriate. This option is suitable for companies with their own helpdesk and support infrastructure, and who can handle simple first-line queries about the application ("I've forgotten my password", "How do I print out a customer?", etc)

First-line support

With this option, we provide the user-facing helpdesk as well as the in-depth support service. Your users raise a ticket on our helpdesk, and our support staff decide if the problem is application-related and deal with it as appropriate. This option obviously costs more, and is suitable for smaller companies with no existing support infrastructure, or larger companies that wish to completely outsource the support for a particular application.

If you are considering the first-line support option, you may also wish to consider using our Complete Management managed hosting option. This gives your uses a single point of support for all application and server issues, and prevents delays and disagreements over whether a particular issue is an application issue or a server/operating system/infrastructure issue.